About Us

We are a family business! Meet the people in our family…

Kerry (Mom)

The most amazing woman I have ever known, my Meme Eleanor, taught me how to sew. It all started because my Barbie needed more clothes. While sewing, I like to watch Fraiser and King of Queens. My favorite snacks while crafting are popcorn and root beer or anything with peanut butter and chocolate. I hope that you will find the perfect fabric to begin or finish your project. I used my time at home during quarantine to start this small business with my family, and I hope that the fabric you find here brings you joy. My favorite fabric is the cherry fabric from The Good Life collection.

Chris (Dad)

I’m a proud father of two girls, and spending time with them is my favorite hobby. I enjoy swimming, hiking, and camping. I’m also a huge Seinfeld aficionado, and a big fan of Chipotle. I studied martial arts as a kid, but these days my interests go towards woodworking and fixing any and all broken things around the house.

Carly (Younger daughter)

I love rainbows, unicorns, and glitter. My favorite stuffie is Teddy. My favorite foods are seafood, pasta, and chocolate. I have a big imagination. I play piano, and drums, and sing…a lot! I enjoy hand sewing bags for my family. My mom inspires me to sew.

Remy (Older daughter)

I’m in seventh grade, and my favorite movie is The Greatest Showman. I’m not as crafty as my sister and my mom, but I like designing fashion. I spend most of my time dancing or playing music, and my favorite subject is writing. I started acting when I was 6, and I played a duckling in Honk Junior. My favorite fabric we have is Happy Place Night Neighborhood.